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1.  How long will the caramels last?

Typically if left on a countertop in a dry, cool location, Sweetish Treats Sea Salt Caramels will maintain their original consistency for about two weeks.  Refrigeration is not necessary, but recommended.  If stored in the refrigerator or even a wine fridge, the caramels will stay perfect for 3-4 months.  It only takes about 5 minutes to soften and reach perfection for eating once out of the fridge.   We dare you to make them last more than a couple of days though!

2.  Why does it take 48 hours to fulfill an order?

All Sweetish Treats Sea Salt Caramels are cooked, cut, wrapped, packaged, and delivered by one set of hands.  Once cooked, caramels need a minimum of 7-8 hours of cooling before they can be cut and wrapped. Generally they are left to cool overnight.  The process is done with incredible care and attention to perfection.  We want you to absolutely love your caramels 100%, so there is no rushing the process.  During high seasons (Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), supply is constant and usually available immediately.

3.  Are the caramels gluten and nut free?

Yes, all Sweetish Treats sea salt caramels are gluten and nut free.

4.  Can I order bags with different quantities than the ones listed?

Yes, custom orders are available.  Please send an email through the "contact" link above with specifics.

5.  How do I pay for my order?

For local Phoenix orders we accept cash and credit cards.  For all orders being shipped, an email invoice from Square will be sent your way for simple and secure online payment.  All major credit cards are accepted.

6.  Do you have a storefront?

No.  Sweetish Treats Sea Salt Caramels are currently made in a private home registered through Maricopa County.  We are quickly outgrowing our kitchen though and may be seeking out a larger commercial kitchen in the near future.  All email order requests are welcome 24 hours a day.  A response is typically sent within a couple of hours, but please allow 24 hours for unusual circumstances.

7.  Can you ship them to me faster than 2-3 day priority mail?

Yes!  Overnight shipping is available IF we have enough supply to fulfill your order that quickly. Please email to inquire about overnight shipping prices and supply.