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All Sweetish Treats Sea Salt Caramels are two bite bits of goodness 

(or one for some) and are made perfectly soft and creamy.  There is little work involved in chewing these and they won't get stuck in your teeth. 

Original Sea Salt Caramels.....$18.00 (16 pieces) and $9.00 (8 pieces)

Delicious, vanilla infused caramels with a light dusting of crunchy sea salt.  The most exquisite combination of sweet and salty you will find.

Small Batch Flavors .....$10.00 (8 pieces)​ ​and $20.00 (16 pieces)

(email or text for availability)

Chocolate Chili Sea Salt Caramels-These gems happen when Original Sea Salt Caramels are infused with semi-sweet chocolate and chili peppers native to the Southwest.  FEAR NOT! There is only a tiny kiss of heat that blends perfectly with the caramel, chocolate, and sea salt to give you a taste experience like no other. These are a "must try" and  customer favorite!  

Gingamels-This is a decadent combination of the Original Sea Salt Caramel with chopped, candied ginger and Iconic Cocktail Ginga Syrup folded in.  Not to be missed when available! 

Chocolate Infused Sea Salt Caramels- We take a rich semi-sweet chocolate and melt it perfectly into our Original Sea Salt Caramel at just the right time for a little bite of heaven.

**5 piece bag of Original Sea Salt Caramels.....$6.00 
Use this bag to woo your clients, be the hit of the ladies luncheon, or bribe your friends.  Perfect  for holiday giving.
**Must order a minimum of 10 bags for this item. 


and is only available while the weather is cool in Phoenix, typically November through April.

Additional flavors offered throughout the year.